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The Tarot has a long history that dates back to the fourteenth century.  The nineteenth and twentieth centuries have seen new interests in the cards.  Whether you use them for divination, awakening imagination, or to fostering spiritual growth, it is an exciting journey.

Tarot Readings | Call For Online Tarot ReadingAs a tool for awakening and liberating our intuitive senses, it guides a reader with the inner world.  It is a system of symbols and colors that leads us on the path of adventure and self discovery.  By tapping into the ancient symbols on the cards at they relate to everyday life, we can explore our personal perceptions and see clearly the realities of our lives.

Tapping into a dimension of the universe that may otherwise be left closed to us, at times it is up to the reader to decipher whether it is literal or figurative.  They always offer an alternative view and a new perspective on the problems in our lives. 

 Most card decks consist of seventy-eight cards similar to modern playing cards.  The deck is broken down into three categories; twenty two Major Arcana, Sixteen Court Cards and forty suit cards being Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups.

The Major Arcana starts with the Fool card and depicts the Fools journey toward enlightenment through the set.  When in a layout the Major Arcana can carry more significance than the lesser cards.

The sixteen Court or People cards have Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages of each of the four suits.  The Court cards represent our intricate relationships with people in our lives.  They can give us insight into ourselves and our understanding of ourselves.

The forty suit cards are ten cards each of the four suits.  They represent typical situations and emotional states of our daily lives. Each suit also has a meaning and can be tied with astrological signs.

Many layouts are used to interpret the cards.  There is no such thing as a correct or incorrect format.  Many readers have different layouts for particular situations.  Each card position in a layout carries a particular meaning and significance of the card falling in that position.  The art of reading a layout is that of weaving together a story that links and brings meaning to person who is asking for insight. 

There are plenty of decks on the market.  Choosing a deck is a personal experience.  Some readers may tell you that the cards spoke to them before they chose their preferred deck.  If you ever have a chance to look at several decks notice the overall similarities and then notice the differences in artwork and color.  Some decks are simple while others are intricate pieces of imagery.  

Each image and color holds a meaning.  A reader will put this all together with the arrangement of the layout to pull together a personal meaning for the client.  With a different client the reader may pick up on a different image and different color on the same card as the other client.  It is the reflection of the reader to comprise the overall picture of the cards and the layout with the clients questions and needs for divination, igniting the mind and counsel.   

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