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14)  Affirmations

Thoughts and words are very powerful instruments. They are the tools with which we create the world we live in and our reality.

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15) Dream Interpretation

Dreams are the bridge between our conscious and subconscious mind. The primary language in dreams is symbols. Even actions in a dream are symbolic. The key to deciphering a symbol is how the symbol makes us feel.

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16) Gemstones

Gemstones and minerals are not just rocks that sit around people’s necks, or fall from their ears. For individuals the world over, gemstones are a source of wisdom, healing, and all around good energy too.

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17) Psychic Readings with Runes

There were many clans and groups that arrived early in the last millennium, and they carried with them different types of divination systems. One was the ogham or divination sticks that the druids of the Celtic tradition used, and another was the runes.

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18) Sacred Trees And Divination Sticks

In Celtic traditions, the druids were magicians, seers, teachers, philosophers, and most importantly spiritual priests, who presided over ceremonies

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19) I-Ching

Methods of divination are as old as humanity itself, and their purposes are as varied as the methods themselves. Often the purpose of serious divination is spiritual advancement, enlightenment and finding insight and guidance that apply to personal situations and issues.

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20)  Spiritual Tips on Handling Stress

We often get thrown from our centers when emotions run high. Simply remembering that you are not alone and have spirit guiding you can be a comfort.

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21) Santeria

Santeria is an underground religion that combines unique and contradictory beliefs. It combines practices of various schools of thought in theology, religion, and mythology.

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22) 12 Step Programs

There are many 12 step programs available. The popular Alcoholics Anonymous gave influence to many programs. A.A was founded by Bill Wilson in 1935.

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23) Kabbalah

Kabbalah means to receive Light from the creator. Two thousand years ago, the most important teachings of Kabbalah, termed the Zohar, was revealed in Israel by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

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