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Astrology Planetary activity June 2019

June 2019 has interesting astrological planetary activity.   For the entire month of June, Saturn and Neptune are in a harmonious sextille.  This combination can make a dreams come true.  It can structure Neptune’s artistic and creative side.  In fact, it will be an ideal period for performing artists and certain films getting recognition of having … Continue reading Astrology Planetary activity June 2019

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How to Read Birth Chart..Instantly Seconds

This video will show you to to easily interpret instantly a birth chart. The basic aspects of the astrology chart to give you a solid and basic structure. The personality, love life, financial destiny and personality can be seen by eye balling the natal chart quickly. Be sure to check our other Astrology videos and … Continue reading How to Read Birth Chart..Instantly Seconds

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Timing Questions Psychic Readings

There are many techniques used to forecast future events.  When it comes to forecasting, many want to have dates of when events will happen.  These events include: “When will I marry?” “When have career take off?” “When buy property?” “When will finances change for the better?” “When will I have a child? ” and more. … Continue reading Timing Questions Psychic Readings

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Being Spiritual

For as long as man can remember, we have been subjected to organized religion. We have all been placed in a specific group whether that be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, etc. But what exactly makes them all different beyond the fact of who we send our praises to? How can we have so much negativity … Continue reading Being Spiritual

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Happiness is a Choice

No one promised life would be strawberries and cream.  Only those who are no longer breathing, have no worries.  For those of us still among the living, each day may contain a certain amount of strife.   One thing is certain you will not find happiness in the eyes of another. The reason for that is … Continue reading Happiness is a Choice

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Mercury Retrograde Part 2

Mercury Retrograde Part 2: Like any planet, looking at the sign it is in helps define how that planet functions. In a person’s chart, it is equally important to view the location the planet is in. Is it in the love sector? Is it in the career sector? Or is it somewhere else? That determines … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde Part 2

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Mercury Retrograde

Telephones and electronics are ruled by Mercury. Mercury, the planet of communication, will turn retrograde on March 5 It is only for 3 weeks. This will be completed on March 28. Typically when a product is released on a Mercury retrograde the following occurs: 1) Major recalls. 2) Many technical errors. 3)Product is delayed and … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde

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Trumpstrology: Trump & Pluto

Romance and Sex When Pluto is transiting through the Donald Trump‘s fifth house, love affairs are intensified to the point of obsession.  It can make one dwell a lot and have jealousy, power games, and covert situations.   Some people can have extra-marital affairs.  Those affairs can seem passionate, intense, sexually charged, and destructive.  Natally, … Continue reading Trumpstrology: Trump & Pluto

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Quincunxes: Health and Sacrifices-Trump!

Out of all the major aspects in Astrology, the one that often gets very little attention is the Quincunx otherwise known as the Inconjunct. This aspect can be one of the most problematic aspects.  Like the Square aspect, a conflict arises. Yet, the big difference is that the efforts expended to resolve them may feel … Continue reading Quincunxes: Health and Sacrifices-Trump!

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Neptune-Saturn- Dreams Come True

From Now till February 14, June 1-July 3, October 27-November 19, Saturn will be sextile Neptune. This is a powerful combination for mixing discipline with visions. It is the energy of a disciplined artist. It can bring help give discipline to inspirations leading to recognition. There can be profits from Spirituality. This can make your … Continue reading Neptune-Saturn- Dreams Come True

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