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Only 99 Cents Per Minute

We are better than most Psychic Networks because:  

I.   Our screening process is extensive:   Out of 400 Psychic applicants, we offer an opportunity to contract with us to approximately 2 (two).  If a Psychic reader is contracted on our Network, client feedback is a very important factor for the duration of tenure.  Regardless of skill, credentials, experience, etc.. all readers must be tested. We believe that the more experience, the better the reader.

II.   Management/Experience in Psychic Networks:   We know the market and make better options available to our clients by offering quality at a very fair price.  We specialize in Psychic Readings as we do not have any "other" type of hotlines or websites.

III.  Free Psychic Reading Nights:   Actions are louder than words! We have reading nights.  If you are selected you have free 5 minutes.  Otherwise you can watch our master psychics practice their gifts by reading others.  We never boast that our Psychics are the best because our clients do it for us!