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Temperamental people in the early part of the day might shake things up a bit. You'd be wise to plan on some quiet time for yourself.



You'll be feeling a new wave of energy, optimism, and inspiration as the weekend nears, so plan on something positive and fun to do.



Do some shopping or sight-seeing early in the day and be with people you really feel cozy and peaceful with later in the evening.



Spend today with very good friends and let your natural charm take over. Don't' expect too much, and use moderation-you can have a fine day.



Do something quiet an thoughtful; enjoy your home and a pet if you have one. Pleasant conversation is part of the picture too.



No matter how logical, measured, and discriminating you are in approaching tasks and errands this morning, nothing goes according to plan. Fortunately, any setbacks are only temporary.



Mind and heart work in unison today, helping you devise a plan to improve your life. You have plenty of foresight and the ability to envision a better future. Inspiration comes quietly.



Your tendency to withdraw into a private fortress of solitude is accented. Heed your own counsel' conduct your own investigations. Having a heart-to-heart talk with someone clears the air.



You have arrived at a moment of truth. Though you are fleeing very decisive hold off for a few days. before making any solid commitments.



Because other people may not be what they seem today you are forced to read between the liens. Just don't let your imagination carry you away and lend you to see problems where none exist.



Before you purchase something you absolutely "must have", ask yourself if you really need this item or care just giving in to desires artificially created by advertising and mass marketing.



A powerful desire nature is coupled with a practical sense for knowing how to make what you yearn for real. A tendency to be touchy yet insensitive to others makes relations vulnerable.