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Place positive accent on joint financial interests. Nevertheless, you値l need to avoid quarrelling with a friend about money. You値l be pleased with your accomplishments at work.



Try not to become angry if you meet with problems regarding a domestic concern. Be patient, and wait until another time to solve this matter to your satisfaction. Avoid minor bickering tonight.



Unconventional business moves are not favored; be conservative in your dealings. You値l be delighted with a travel invitation that you値l receive. Tonight is favorable for romance and socializing.



You値l receive some confidential information that will be of benefit to you in business. Opportunity may come when least expected, so try to get ready to capitalize on it. Listen to your intuition tonight.



Treat authority figures with due respect. A family or property matter is likely to be a concern. Tonight, though, is a wonderful time for getting together with others. You値l be the life of the party!



Your feelings in romance will deepen. Singles are likely to be happily bowled over by exciting new attractions. It痴 a time when passions will sizzle! Shopping for luxury items if favored.



If you池e thinking about going into business for yourself, now痴 the time to begin to take action. Friends will be of a like mind tonight.



You値l do some unexpected shopping for yourself. A project can be brought to a successful conclusion. Lovers enjoy private times together.



If you push too hard to attain an objective, you may not achieve it. However, if you surrender to a higher power, things will indeed work out.



Once you get your work accomplished, you will breathe a sigh of relief and feel quite confident. You値l be very charming tonight.



You値l be in a lackadaisical mood, but that痴 no reason to fritter the whole day away. Try not to be temperamental with a friend this evening.



Circumstances are likely to interfere with you getting your way at times today. Even so, you値l excel in presenting your view to others.