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Detach.  Someone you thought you knew well has a few surprises for you.  Give this person plenty of breathing space or he/she might take off.



Wait.  A change of residence and/or status could cross your mind.   Give this plenty of thought.   Actions now might be premature.



Your routine affairs go smoothly as you creatively handle one problem after another.  You meet the day's challenges successfully and that makes you feel better about a recent failure.



Travel plans that suffered a setback move forward.  You think about brushing up on your language skills both your native tongue and a second language so you can communicate more effectively.



Rush.   Impatient to get started this morning? You could be the first one out of the starting gate.  Be sure to play by the rules



Upbeat.  Last night's sweet dreams might materialize today. Good news is almost too good to be true.  Keep thinking positively.



 Align.  Focus on bringing people together even if some of them do seem to be out of touch with what's happening.  Lead the way!.



You think about your job and whether it satisfies your needs and utilizes all your talents.  Consider a business you run from your home; it could be a big success.



Nice. If you just relax and don't plan anything the day might turn out to be a real winner.  News from a close end  be sensational.



Opportunist. Get set for some variety and change It's definitely going to take place today perhaps in the money sector.




 Fine ends in high places en­ter the picture in a rather surprising way If they talk behind your back be assured it's all favorable. Career hopes are on the rise.



Changes.  Are you ready for a new start in a new direction? This could be the scenario for some.   Stay focused.