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 A stranger offers meaningful insights about a situation that's been bothering you.  You feel ready to embark on a path that will signify a wonderful new phase of your life.



 A difficult problem can be solved if you allow yourself to stop thinking long enough to receive guidance from your subconscious.  A desire to improve your appearance leads to a trip.



You and ends get together and while it does not provide as much stimulation as you expected you go away with a brighter outlook on life.   A charity wants your help.



 A unique opportunity to make a dream come true comes your way with a little help from your ends.  A humanitarian organization wants you to head up a fundraising committee.



You don't get the time you need to recharge your spirit during the day but you do get to relax in the evening hours.  Attend to the helpful message in your dreams.



You learn a family secret that an­swers some of the puzzles you've pondered over re­garding a certain situation.  While you  never find out the whole truth you can put the memory to rest.



Ecstatic.  How can anything go wrong when you're in love you're perched on Cloud 9? Do try to be a bit more realistic.



Protect Some folks take advan­tage of Mr or Ms Nice Guy.  It wouldn't hurt to hide your wallet and refuse to be intimidated.



Although you  have doubts about your appearance your admirers do not  they find you magnetic and appealing.   Fun activities most likely with children or a lover come your way.



Your emotions teeter from one end of the spectrum to the other making you irritable and overactive to criticism.  Seek solitude and avoid those who know how to push your buttons.



Alert.  Think twice before making a firm commitment.  This applies to money as well as love Make an effort to be totally realistic.



Smooth.  Things tend to be rosy today; even the fickle March weather is more co­operative than usual.  A good time to laze around or give your green money a workout.